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Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(1):1-65
Immunomodulatory Role of Neuropeptide Y in Intestinal Inflammation
Yunna Lee and Eunok Im
Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(1):1-7
Effect of Savinin to Inhibit RANKL-induced Osteoclast Differentiation
Han-Byeol Shin, Yongjin Lee, Mina Lee, and Young-Jin Son
Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(1):8-14
Detecting Drug Interaction Signal of Concomitant Use of Warfarin and Statins Using Korea Adverse Event Reporting System Database
Heehyun Won, HyunYoung Choi, Suvin Park, and Nam-Kyong Choi
Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(1):15-22
Consumers’ Knowledge and Perceptions on Generic Medicines
Nagyeong Lee and Sylvia Park
Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(1):23-31
Development and Evaluation of Implant using Hot-Melt Extrusion
Soo Hwan Lee, Geun Nyeong Lee, Young Jin Kim, Young Ho Cho, and Gye Won Lee
Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(1):32-44
Cynara scolymus L. Inhibits the LPS-induced Inflammatory Reaction via Suppression of NF-κB Activity in RAW 264.7 Cells
Kyung-Jun Boo, Kiman Lee, Il-Ho Park, and Tae Jin Kang
Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(1):45-50
Effect of Indirubin on Morphology Changes and mRNA Expression of Cytokines in LPS-induced RAW264.7
Ye Jin Hwang and Jae Seon Kang
Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(1):51-57
Needs for a Family Pharmacy and Expected Family Pharmacy Services
Joo Hyun Lee, Hye-Lin Kim, Hye Sung Han, Il-Ho Park, and Hyun Soon Sohn
Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(1):58-65
Yakhak Hoeji is an official domestic journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Korea and has been published since 1948. Yakhak Hoeji is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to all areas of pharmaceutical sciences including basic, translational, clinical, and .........
The Role Change of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Research in the Drug Development
Won-ho Kang, Jin-ah Hwang, Jung-woo Chae, Kwang-il Kwon, and Hwi-yeol Yun
Received August 3, 2018; Accepted May 27, 2019.
Recent Trends in Drug Interaction Studies based on Drug Metabolism
Jinseok Lee and Sung-Hoon Ahn
Received December 28, 2019; Accepted January 20, 2020.
Evaluation of Efficacy and Risk of Intradermal Skin Testing for Antibiotic Pharmacotherapy in Hospital of Korea