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Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(6):325-414
Mechanism of Circular RNAs and Their Potential as Novel Therapeutic Agents in Retinal Vascular Diseases
Hyunjong Kim and Juhee Ryu
Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(6):325-334
Effect of Oleanolic Acid on the Gene Expression of Pulmonary MUC5AC Mucin through IKK/IκBα/NF-κB p65 in Human Airway Epithelial Cells
Hyun Jae Lee and Choong Jae Lee
Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(6):335-341
Analyzing Regulatory Approval Pathways and Clinical Strategies for AAV-based Gene Therapies Approved by the FDA and EMA
Yoenhee Ahn, Jongwon Kim, and Kyenghee Kwon
Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(6):342-353
Evaluation of Anti-atopic Efficacy of Centella asiatica using Animal Model
Jae Pil Bae, Venkata Prakash Annamneedi, Jun Woo Park, Jin Hong Park, Youngmin Park, Kiman Lee, and Tae Jin Kang
Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(6):354-359
Formulation and Dissolution Behavior of a New OROS Tablet containing Sarpogrelate Hydrochloride
Jin Su Park, Myung-Chul Gil, Young Ho Cho, and Gye Won Lee
Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(6):360-371
Ovarian Absorption and Systemic Bioavailability Study of Paeoniflorin Solubilized with L-Lysine
Ye Jin Hwang, Ah Rum Kim, Hyeon Woo Kim, and Jae Seon Kang
Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(6):372-377
Development of Nilotinib HCl-loaded solid SNEDDS (Self-Nanoemulsifying Drug Delivery System) using Mesoporous Colloidal Silica
Su Man Lee, Ju Hwan Jeong, Jeong Gyun Lee, and Kyeong Soo Kim
Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(6):378-387
Patterns of National Health Insurance Spendings for High-Priced Medicine in Korea
Hye-Jae Lee, Jihyung Hong, and Eun-Young Bae
Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(6):388-397
Study for Anti-inflammatory Effects of Centella asiatica Extract Powder
Jae Pil Bae, Kiman Lee, Venkata Prakash Annamneedi, Jun Woo Park, Jin Hong Park, and Tae Jin Kang
Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(6):398-403
A Comparative Analysis on Common Technical Document Module 1 Submission Form of Drug Labeling in South Korea, United States and Europe
Jinwook Yang and Kyenghee Kwon
Yakhak Hoeji 2023;67(6):404-414
Yakhak Hoeji is an official domestic journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Korea and has been published since 1948. Yakhak Hoeji is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to all areas of pharmaceutical sciences including basic, translational, clinical, and .........
The Role Change of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Research in the Drug Development
Won-ho Kang, Jin-ah Hwang, Jung-woo Chae, Kwang-il Kwon, and Hwi-yeol Yun
Received August 3, 2018; Accepted May 27, 2019.
Recent Trends in Drug Interaction Studies based on Drug Metabolism
Jinseok Lee and Sung-Hoon Ahn
Received December 28, 2019; Accepted January 20, 2020.
Evaluation of Efficacy and Risk of Intradermal Skin Testing for Antibiotic Pharmacotherapy in Hospital of Korea