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YAKHAK HOEJI 2018;62(6):367-423
Sequence-dependent Combination of 5-Fluorouracil and Targeted Agents in RAF-mutant Colorectal Cancer Cell Lines
Do Hyung Kim, Hye Yeon Jang, MD Abdullah, and Seung Jin Lee
YAKHAK HOEJI 2018;62(6):367-373
Role of Transient Receptor Potential Melastatin (TRPM) Channels in the Stimulation of Melanin Synthesis by Diazoxide
Yong Soo Lee
YAKHAK HOEJI 2018;62(6):374-380
Notch1 Expression Regulates the Invasiveness and Drug Resistance in Sphere-forming NCI-H460 Cancer Cells
Jieun Yun
YAKHAK HOEJI 2018;62(6):381-387
Effects of Hovenia dulcis var. Koreana Extracts in Osteoclast Differentiation
Kwang-Jin Kim, Yongjin Lee, Kyung-Yun Kang, Sung-Tae Yee, Sang-Jip Nam,Mi-Kyung Lee, Mi-Ja Lee, and Young-Jin Son
YAKHAK HOEJI 2018;62(6):388-393
Evaluation of Chemical-induced Mitochondrial Damage in HepG2 Cells Using Energy Charge
Jang Su Jeon and Sang Kyum Kim
YAKHAK HOEJI 2018;62(6):394-400
Synthesis and Steroid Sulfatase Inhibitory Effect of Androstane-3β-O-sulfonate and -sulfamate Derivatives
Ji-Hyun Park and Eunsook Ma
YAKHAK HOEJI 2018;62(6):401-409
A Current Analysis on Alert Override Reasons of Pregnancy Contraindication in the Drug Utilization Review system and the Policy Implication
Moon-Joo Jo, Jung Ki Kim, Dong Geuk Jung, and Young Ho Kim
YAKHAK HOEJI 2018;62(6):410-418
A Review on the 2016 US FDA Botanical Drug Development Guideline Based on Approvals of Veregen and Fulyzaq
Insuk Song, Jungjoong Hwang, and Jongkook Lee
YAKHAK HOEJI 2018;62(6):419-423
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