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Optimum Concentration of the Cd(II)-Quercetin Complexation Reaction
YAKHAK HOEJI 2009;53(5):235-240
Published online October 31, 2009
© 2009 The Pharmaceutical Society of Korea.

이정호(Jeong Ho Lee);신선우(Sun Woo Shin);백승화(Seung Hwa Baek)
The interaction of cadmium (II) ion with quercetin was investigated in aqueous solution at different pH. The quercetin/cadmium stochiometries for cadmium (II) binding have been determined by UV-vis spectrophotometric method. The complexation of Cd(II) ion with 54.72 킡 quercetin (A = 1.00793) was formed in 0.2 M NH3-0.2 M NH4Cl (pH 8.0) buffer solution. 1 : 1 Cd(II)-complex had a maximum absorbance and showed the bathochromic shift of the long-wavelength band of the UV-vis spectra in the alkaline pH when interacted with quercetin in buffer solution. These results suggest that Cd(II)-quercetin complex has the optimal condition of chelation in basic buffer solution.
Keywords : quercetin;bathochromic shift;Cd(Ⅱ)-complex;UV-vis spectrophotometric method

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