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Anti-thrombotic Effects of Analogs of Protocatechuic Acid and Gallic Acid
YAKHAK HOEJI 1993;37(5):453-457
Published online October 30, 1993
© 1993 The Pharmaceutical Society of Korea.

윤혜숙(Hye Sook Yun-Choi);강삼식(Sam Sik Kang);김문희(Moon Hee Kim);정기화(Ki Hwa Jung)
Platelet anti-aggregating activities were tested with analogs of protocatechuic acid and garlic acid. Six of them which showed comparable inhibitory effects with aspirin against collagen induced platelet aggregation were selected and their anti-thrombotic effects were evaluated in the mouse thrombosis model and compared with those of aspirin and paeonol. At the dose of 50mg/kg, p.o., ethyl gallate(13) treated group showed higher % of recovery within 6 min of thrombotic challenge and lower mortality within 5 min than aspirin treated group.
Keywords : anti-platelet;anti-thrombotic;ethyl gailate;aspirin;paeonol.

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