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Properties and Hair-growth Effect of Chrysin 7-O-crotonate
YAKHAK HOEJI 1999;43(3):316-319
Published online June 28, 1999
© 1999 The Pharmaceutical Society of Korea.

신준수(Joon Su Shin);김연희(Yeon Hee Kim);정재훈(Jae Hoon Cheoung);김양배(Yang Bae Kim);김박광(Bak Kwang Kim)
Chrysin 7-0-crotonate was synthesized by condensing crotonic acid with chrysin in organic solvent, tetrahydrofuran (THF) using dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (DCC) and 4-dimethylaminopyridine (DMAP). Its structure was identified by NMR, MS, UV, IR etc. We also investigated the physico-chemical properties and set up the quantitative analytical method of this compound. The correlation coefficient of calibration curve measured at the isobestic point (340nm) on this compound was approximately 0.9994 by absorption spectrophotometry. Detection limit was 1.6ng at S/N=3 by using a RP column by HPLC. The hair growth effect of chrysin 7-0-crotonate on the hair of black mouse (C57BL/6), was carried out using paste method. When its ethanol solution was administered to this black mouse by route of skin, this compound promoted the growth of hair.
Keywords : chrysin 7-O-crotonate;synthesis;properties;quantitative analysis;pK;hair-growth effect.

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