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Lowering of Serum Cholesterol by Lactobacillus sporogenes
YAKHAK HOEJI 1987;31(5):302-307
Published online October 30, 1987
© 1987 The Pharmaceutical Society of Korea.

석은경(Eun Kyung Seok);김태한(Tae Han Kim);이정치(Jung Chi Lee);정필근(Pil Keun Chung);이금기(Kum Ki Lee)
The increase in the serum cholesterol level of the rabbit fed a high cholesterol diet was prevented by the administration of a Lactobacillus sporogenes preparation, proportionally to the amount of the preparation. About 90% of the increase, in the serum cholesterol level was inhibited in the rabbits fed the preparation (2%) as feed additives. In vitro, L. sporogenes cultured in MRS broth containing PPLO serum fraction as a cholesterol source decreased the cholesterol concentration in the spent broth and increased the intracellular cholesterol concentration. The ability of L. sporogenes to accumulate cholesterol was enhanced by the presence of oxgall in the medium. These results suggest that L. sporogenes may directly assimilate the cholesterol in the gastrointestinal tracts and may prevent the increase of the serum cholesterol level.

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